Reflexology: Pressure, it’ll help you Be (tune of David Bowie)

You may have an entire doctor’s bag worth of tools with your own two hands.

Reflexology is an amazing tool that you can use to improve your health. It has a short learning curve, and can be used for everything to relieve pain, to induce labor and to cause relaxation.

Being someone raised with allopathic medicine, my initial bias to reflexology has definitely changed.

The body is a vehicle for our souls, and with proper maintenance we can live healthy and well.

Using the traditions of Eastern medicine, including reflexology, has measured and proven benefits.

Being comfortable with your feet, looking at them, massaging them, and touching them is important for self esteem as well as actual health.

The science of reflexology makes sense intuitively— our feet literally support our whole bodies.

I think that if you are experiencing health concerns, then integrating reflexology as a form of self care creates a foundation for total body health.

I was inspired to write this blog post because sometimes anxiety causes me to have shortness of breath.

I found myself intuitively grabbing my foot and pressing in one spot, and then having better breathing.

Running around barefoot (or walking) also has the benefit of grounding, for the whole body.

Ears also have points. Intentionally getting piercings in corresponding parts can benefit the organs.

I definitely have healthy legs and I believe it is in part because of the piercing I have in the rook area. It also may be because I regularly walk more than five miles a day 😅

If you don’t want a piercing, then acupuncture works too.

Gently pressing or tapping an area has benefits. Give it a try for yourself!

Reflexology can help heal the body from head to toe… literally!

In reflexology, you basically press parts of your body to stimulate the corresponding body parts or organ system.

I then looked up a foot chart and exactly where I was pressing was the spot for lungs!

Just like the feet, the hands have points that correspond to certain parts of the body.

If you notice any changes on your hands or feet, see if it corresponds to any particular organ in your body.

You can also ask a friend, acupuncturist, or reflexologist for help 🙂

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