Today I watched a livestream with Deepak Chopra on the author’s Instagram page.

I had been receiving text updates from the author periodically, with metaphysical quips and timeless words of wisdom that made me feel acknowledged through the community texting service. A few celebrities use it, and I value that Deepak does not use it for self promotion so much as for planting seeds of enlightenment and hope.

He was having a conversation with Eva Longoria. The actress looked radiant, and Deepak had a serene smile on his face, sitting in an orange room with an open design.

The conversation turned to the organization Love in Action. Their candid discussion of mental health issues, including anxiety, was refreshing. 

The theme of “never alone” is something that is continually reinforced in various spheres of influence.

Even as recently as my childhood, women raised children together in groups to help with parenting and caretaking duties.

The over emphasis on autonomy and ”independence” in Western society has created an alternate pandemic of women without the support structure of womanly nurturance we have had since time began.

Anecdotally, I was walking down the street near the park. I made eye contact with a woman I didn’t know and she whispered ”hi” and kept on walking.

It made me feel so happy inside, just a simple greeting.

Truly, human beings thrive on connection. The modern phenomena of isolation can be difficult at times to deal with, and technology has the ability to help– as well as further divide. 

Eva also mentioned the Domino Effect of Women Helping Women.

The main takeaway:

She mentioned that empowering women has a domino effect on communities and families, as a woman will always use her resources to support her family.

Men need to understand that helping women makes the world stronger. I know a few shining examples in my life and they give me hope for the future. 

There are many tools available where we can help to support women. One that she mentioned was microloans, which is something I have done in the past.

Websites like Kiva let you read about the projects of people from all over the world.

It helps put in perspective how much a sum as small as $25 can shape lives.

She also mentioned how Marianne Williamson was a mentor and friend to her. Marianne really has carved out a name for herself as a pioneer in the area of spirituality and self empowerment.

 Although she did not receive the nomination, she did campaign to be a Presidential candidate for the 2020 election.

Deepak has his pulse on the consciousness and need for the planet to rise in feminine power.

HThere needs to be balance and respect for both sides of the coin. A woman’s way is not ”wrong, ” she is simply not created to act as a man and as a woman.

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